About Young Entrepreneurs

Given to what extent the world of work has changed and the subsequent breakdown of the educational system, there has never been a more important time to empower and capacitate our children to be the authors of their own destiny. Young Entrepreneurs will empower your child to become her own boss, acquire a millionaire mindset & be equipped for the rapidly changing world of work.


The world of work is changing to such an extent that unemployed graduates are the norm and not the exception. Yes, school and universities are ill preparing our kids for the world of work & business and nothing is going to change in this regard. We need to capacitate and equip our kids with the necessary skills and competencies to become the authors of their own destiny.

Now, why then you may ask did it take me so many years to get to this point? The answer is simple …. my own kids. It was with shock and disbelief that I realised that, if I didn’t step in, the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of my three triangles (stars) would be drained by a system that only recognised squares. I couldn’t allow this to happen….

All of this gave birth to YE Young Entrepreneurs!