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You can study our program material online at your home. These video based training courses are also instructor-led over the same as our face-to-face programs.


One box contains a full business. Each box contains adult and child instructions, raw materials and everything needed to start a small enteprise and sell actual product at local markets.

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How to register for our Online Virtual Academy

You can do all our courses online with our Virtual Academy.

All our kid’s programs run online using video-based training lead by instructors. The young adults and adult programs run self-paced over a period.

Step 01

Find the best suited program for your child on our shop, based on your child’s age as well as what you want them to learn.

Programs are generally a couple of weeks long with one lesson per week.

Our Online Programs are video based and for the younger kids it is instructor-led interaction. For older than 16 in age it is self paced.

Step 02

Purchase the Virtual Academy program by adding it to your basket, proceed to check out and make payment.

Once payment is received, the magic starts happening on our side.

Step 03

Enrollment magic has started and you will receive a detailed email with a link to register your individual kids based on the program your purchased.

OPTION b. Buying A Business In A Box

We have three BizBoxes to choose from. Each box comes complete with raw material and instructions for parents and kids. Working through the instructions the kids will literally create their own business with a name, logo, products as well as cash flow planning and hopefully profits at the end.

As a parent you can buy the box, guide your kids through the instructions and if they do it well, their Cost-of-Sale will be to pay you back and make a small profit.

Step 01

Choose one of our three BizBox to buy.

Various great business themes to choose from. 

Step 02

Purchase the BizBox online by selecting it in your basket, make payment and completing the sale.

Step 03

The magic has started and we will ship of your BizBox via courier to your door within 24 hours.


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