Minipreneurs (7-8yrs)

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Help your child to determine his/her own destiny by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and business savvy skills that are essential for the future. They start their own micro enterprise – Experience business – Make money!

Weekly Hours 1 hour per week on fixed schedule
Commitment  1 lesson per week of 60 min over 15 weeks
Suitable Ages 7-8 years (1st-2nd Grade)
Type or course Online Learning program
Instruction method Instructor-led

This programme uses characters, stories, presentations, interactive tools and play to help kids understand money and business, and develop basic financial literacy, innovation, self-confidence and interpersonal skills. This programme is conducted in a small group setting to ensure that maximum creativity is encouraged and that the intended knowledge and experience to spark the entrepreneurial spirit is fostered.

Through fun games and play the Minipreneurs will be guided through the entrepreneurial cycle of staring their own business. Knowledge gained is practically applied to the micro – enterprise learners develop within the process. Participants learn what a business is; they choose on a product to make and sell; decide on a name and design a logo for their business; do “market research”; implement a simple “production line” for themselves; work out the costing of products and determine selling prices; design advertisement material and learn how to sell their products at a Market Day. It is expected of the children to source raw material to make 10 products as part of the Programme. Examples of products will be provided by the facilitator.



  1. What is a business?
  2. What will I Make?
  3. What are we going to call our business?
  4. Our special logo?
  5. Why am I starting this business?
  6. Who will want to buy my products?
  7. Planning and making a prototype?
  8. Making Products
  9. How much to charge for my products?
  10. How much money can I make?
  11. Why will people buy my products?
  12. How can I market my business?
  13. Final preparations for market day
  14. Conclusion and recap?

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“My daughter in Grade 1 has never been so excited about attending a programme. The experience is giving her great confidence and really opened up her mind about business. She is also teaching other kids on how to start their own little businesses and making products”

Vuyiswa Kene